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"2 weeks into taking my the blue oil and the effects are starting to come to fruition. I feel more energetic and I am starting to sleep better at night.
My pain is almost non-existent. I will be recommending this to everyone.
Thank you."

Rob, Florida

"Helps with my pain, anxiety and spasms. I was taking pain meds 4 times a day if not more, anxiety meds 2 times a day and muscle relaxers 2 times a day. I don’t have to take anxiety meds or spasm meds anymore and only have to take a half of my pain pill maybe once a month. Started vaping 5 months ago 3 times a day by the 3rd month I started feeling the difference. Love this stuff!!"

Josephine, Texas

"Tired of taking OTC and prescription meds to sleep. This alternate is just what I need. I have been sleeping without any problems."

James, Michigan

"Spearmint tasty drops taste great! just got my order but have taken once for a headache and it helped"

Corey, Michigan

"I’ve tried other types of oil but your raw, green variety really works for me. Within seconds of taking it, the pain and stiffness of arthritis is gone! Recently, I injured my elbow and it takes about an hour for the oil to relieve the pain and stiffness of that. I recommend this oil for all of us baby boomers who are suffering from the slings and arrows of the aging process. It helps keep us in the game."

Anne, California

"Almost 3 weeks since starting the Blue and I’m amazed at the relief I feel! A real life saver and I’m finally sleeping all night with little to no pain!! Ordering more tomorrow!"

Misty, Georgia

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