Cornbread Hemp

Cornbread Hemp is a bona fide hemp-derived CBD company with roots that go as deep as 250 years to the first Kentucky grown hemp plants in 1775. They are also the first CBD company to offer USDA certified organic CBD oil from hemp grown in Kentucky.

We want to mention that there is not actually corn in Cornbred Hemp products. They get their name from an outlaw band of marijuana growers, nicknamed Cornbread Mafia, in Kentucky who were arrested in the 1980s for the largest domestic marijuana grow operation in American history.

In 2012, Cornbread Hemp co-founder Jim Higdon published his first book, the Cornbread Mafia, which took 6 years of investigative journalism work in his hometown of Marion County, Kentucky, the home of the Cornbread Mafia.



cornbred mafia

After that book, Higdon became a leading journalist on all things cannabis and hemp. He wrote for the Washington Post, Politico, and other similar publications. This experience led Higdon to co-found Cornbread Hemp in December 2018.

Whole Plant and Distilled CBD Oil

whole plant distilled cbd oil cornbread hemp

Cornbread Hemp CBD oil tinctures are USDA certified organic and come in 2 varying types, whole plant, also known as full-spectrum, and distilled, also known as broad-spectrum. These CBD oil tinctures are perfect for someone wanting organic hemp, as they come from one of very few certified organic hemp farms in the entire country, in one of the US's leading hemp farming states. 

Corndog Flavored CBD Oil for Dogs

corndog flavored cbd for dogs

 Is your dog the type to eat their own $h*t but then won't eat their dog food with CBD oil on it? Try this. Corndog flavored CBD oil for dogs. They'll enjoy the flavor so much they won't even know or care about any sort of hemp taste.

So if your dog could use some extra relaxation, calmness, or relief, these tinctures may be a great place to start because they'll actually want to use it. 

Cornbred's CBD for dogs also comes with a graduated dropper to make dispensing the right serving size easy based on your dog's weight. Give them a try today and let us know what you think! 

Cornbred Hemp COA Lab Tests

cornbred hemp coa lab test example

As we've talked about many times before, it is important to ensure you trust the brand you are buying CBD from. One of the best ways to gain trust with a CBD brand is getting a Certificate of Analysis (COA) lab test for the product you are choosing to buy. Cornbred Hemp lists all of their lab tests with an associated batch number or product ID. So all you need to do is check the product ID on the bottle or box you receive, and match it up with the COA result on the link below. Always, and we stress always, get a lab test when buying CBD oil products, avoid taking otherwise.