Hydrate or Die: Is This the World’s Best Water Bottle?!?

With the holiday season fast approaching it seems companies have really ramped up the digital advertising to drive sales, despite a tough macro economic environment – we thought inflation was only for balloons!

Every day, I’m receiving deals on ‘must have items’ via text, social media and email. It’s kind of exhausting, but there are some brands I support that seem to be doing this marketing in a more tasteful manner that benefits their loyal customers.

Onnit is one of the brands that we love here at Third Coast. From supplementation, to functional fitness equipment, keto-friendly snacks, well engineered apparel, a treasure trove of content and a supportive community. Do they really have it all under one roof? Site? URL? You get it…

Our Top 3 Favorites from the brand are:

  1. Total Human Complete Supplement Packs
  2. Alpha Brain
  3. Total Strength

As we ‘re-up’ these supplements on a regular basis, the company awards you points through there OnnitX rewards program.

onnit ice shakerTypically – we’d cash in some points for coupons to save a few bucks, but in one of their recent marketing emails they highlighted some additional items redeemable via their rewards. I’m not sure why they thought a new water bottle elicited feelings of euphoria and possibilities within me, but I was thrilled to see that my rewards could be used for something tangible that I actually could use.

If you’ve been following us on the third coast journey, you know diet, fitness and wellness are what we are about. Hydration is a key part to that and we’ve covered the topics across various articles in the past.

Well, I’ve found it much easier to stay hydrated when I have a huge water bottle that keeps the water cold. No one wants to fill up 10 times a day and no one wants slug room temperature water. So I figured maybe it was time for an upgrade. 

As far as water bottles are concerned, I’ve tried them all. The Yeti, Takeya Brand, and of course, the reusable water bottle OG Nalgene.

But then my Ice Shaker Water Bottle purchased for free with my OnnitX points arrived.


onnit ice shaker side viewonnit ice shaker top view openice shaker top view wide

When they tell you it holds a half gallon, it’s hard to envision the imposing size of this thing. It’s more of a home depot bucket than a water bottle. It has a handle that could double as a grip for your next set of farmers walks (a workout we highly recommend by the way) and unfilled, it weighs as much as a primal bell.


This water bottle is solid. The materials feel high dense, durable and high quality. The handle is thick steel. The lids seals firmly and lock together without wiggle. That firm seal allows for drinks to remain ice cold for 72 hours. Literal chunks of ice in your bottle after three days on the desk. It’s nuts! It feels nice in your grip and the surfaces are similar to other high quality bottles we’ve used.


Possibly a product of the size, but this bottle has the functions of all other bottles in one. It has a huge opening for filling, a smaller sealed opening for gulping and a straw for slurping. Impressed that 1 bottle allows for all these options. Definitely adds to the weight, but hey carrying this thing is like a micro workout in and of itself.


I hadn’t heard of Ice Shaker, but after opening the package from Onnit, the Ice shaker box had none other than super bowl MVP Rob Gronkowski and Serial Entrepreneur and Owner of the NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban! If you think you are busy, we’d encourage you to take a look a Mark’s empire and then kindly reconsider how busy you might be.

Apparently Gronk took to Shark Tank to secure some funding for the launch of this company. If you missed the episode when it aired originally, you can watch the episode here or read the cliff notes. Clearly some celeb status is helpful in launching any brand, but the guys do make a convincing and fun argument about their brand. It also appears to have paid off.


Hydration is critically important for survival and optimization. Dehydration can cause reduced blood flow, increased temperature and heart rate. This causes you to feel more tired and impairs your ability to maximize exercise and output. Dehydration greater than 2% of body mass leads to server depletion of endurance according to recent studies.

We are especially mindful of hydration, the keto diet and diabetes prevention. According to perfect keto.com “If you’ve noticed an uptick in your thirst since starting keto, you’re not alone. Dehydration is actually a relatively common symptom for people on this diet. It can even be a promising sign that you’ve achieved ketosis — the fat-burning metabolic state you’re striving for.”

Watch out for these signs of dehydration:

  • Excessive thirst
  • Dry mouth
  • Muscle cramps or spasms
  • Dry eyes
  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Feeling confused or having brain fog
  • Constipation

By having the seemingly bottomless Ice Shaker jug next to me, I’m pretty much guaranteeing that I’m sufficiently hydrated to perform well in the gym, be effective at work, survive at jiu jitsu training and with feel energized with the family. Simply ‘making it more fun’ is kind of enough to drink more water. Sometimes all you need is a new water bottle, or delivery method to make your goals more within reach.

To promote hydration, in warmer months or while really getting after it, you may consider adding Pink Himalayan salt to your water, or even a a hydration pack. We like them from Onnit, LiquidIV and LMNT.

Well we’re off the bathroom again (one minor downside of this huge water bottle), but check back soon for more content to help you improve and optimize.