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About Charlotte's Web

Charlotte's Web is the largest, most well known CBD brand on the market today and one of the early hemp growing pioneers. This company was not started as a company, it was started as a mission...

Charlotte's Web got their namesake from a young girl, Charlotte Figi, who had epilepsy and had her first seizure at just 3 months old. Shortly after that doctors told her parents she had Dravet Syndrome, a rare form of epilepsy that starts in infants.

A few years later she became the face of a medicinal movement around cannabidiol at just 5 years old when her parents discovered taking CBD seemed to ease symptoms.

Sadly, Charlotte passed away this year (2020) at age 13 related to COVID-19 complications according to her parents. Here we share Charlotte's Web's official Memoriam for Charlotte.

CW Hemp offers the World's Most Trusted Hemp ExtractTM and we offer our favorite products of theirs to you here.

Charlotte's Web CBD Oil

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Charlotte's Web CBD Oil Tinctures are made from the World's Most Trusted Hemp Extract TM. CW tinctures support the body to help maintain a sense of calm for focus. We enjoy these tinctures because they offer flavors to help hide the hempy, earthy taste, but still offer the benefits of full-spectrum hemp oil. 

Charlotte's Web CBD Topicals

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 Charlotte's Web CBD topicals are a great way to soothe sore muscles and joints and target specific areas of the body. Charlotte's Web topicals are free of 8 major allergens, are never tested on animals, are gluten-free, and vegan. They are created to support day-to-day and moment-to-moment when the need arises for dealing with those nagging injuries or aches. 

Charlotte's Web COA Lab Tests

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As we've talked about many times before, it is important to ensure you trust the brand you are buying CBD from. One of the best ways to gain trust with a CBD brand is getting a Certificate of Analysis (COA) lab test for the product you are choosing to buy. Charlotte's Web lists all of their lab tests with an associated batch number or product ID. So all you need to do is check the lot number on the bottle or tin you receive and match it up with the COA result on the link below.