Carnivore Crisps

When you’re at the grocery store, do you prefer to buy high-quality, grass-fed, free-range meats? What if you could purchase snacks that pack a flavorful punch and a satisfying “crunch” that were also full of protein and flavor, rather than sugar and preservatives? If that sounds good, Carnivore Crisps are for you.

Available in beef, pork, chicken, elk, and bison, or purchase a bundle and taste test them all to find your favorite. No matter what you choose, your appetite will be satisfied.

Why We Love Carnivore Crisps

Founder, Hans Hippert, knows his meats. After learning the way of the Gaucho, a Brazilian meat preparation that utilizes rock salts, he opened a butcher shop and started making jerky as a passion project. That project eventually morphed into Carnivore Crisps, where he uses Keto-friendly salt, REAL SALT. By using grass-fed, free-range proteins and real salt, Carnivore Crisps are made with clean, natural, minimalistic ingredients, using whole muscle, fats, and the best real salt available.

Besides making clean and keto-friendly products, Carnivore Crisps are delicious protein-rich morsels made with the best cuts like beef ribeye, top sirloin, eye of round, and other wild game meats like elk and bison, in addition to nutrient-packed organ meats that are tasty and easy to consume on the go. Try some for yourself and enjoy the “crunch” that goes along with your crisps.

Why We Choose Carnivore Crisps Over Other Jerky Brands

Jerky is a popular and convenient snack option, but they often contain a variety of additives, chemicals, and preservatives that are not beneficial for human health. These ingredients include sodium nitrite, monosodium glutamate (MSG), and artificial flavors, colors, and sugars added to improve flavor, texture, and shelf-life, but they can have negative effects on our bodies.

Carnivore Crisps, on the other hand, do not use any of these chemicals or preservatives, only real, quality meats and pure salt. Simple, easy, and healthy. Especially for individuals trying to follow a clean diet and healthy lifestyle, it’s imperative that these ingredients remain in the laboratory and not in our food.

While common additives in jerky have been linked to headaches, nausea, and allergies, as well as some cancers, high salt and sugar contents in typical store bought jerkies can contribute to high blood pressure and heart disease. For those who suffer from gastrointestinal, or GI problems such as irritable bowel syndrome, Carnivore Crisps offers a clean alternative to highly processed store-bought brands that include ingredients that can exacerbate symptoms and lead to irritated digestive tracts. Those that are abiding by a carnivore diet can rest assured that they can still reset their gut while enjoying the delicious and healthy morsels in every bag of Carnivore Crisps.

Moreover, some jerky may contain ingredients such as gluten, dairy, or soy, which are difficult to digest for individuals with food intolerances, so it’s important to choose brands like Carnivore Crisps to ensure that what you’re eating is actually high-quality food products, derived straight from the source itself: meat.

If you’re someone who values clean, natural products, Keto-friendly ingredients, and protein-packed delicious snacks, Carnivore Crisps are a must-have. Order yours today and taste the difference.