Mission Farms CBD

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Mission Farms is rooted in growing hemp. One of their founders, Ben Joyce, started as a hemp growing pioneer, just outside of Bend, Oregon, another great coastal region! Ben was thought to have been growing some of the best hemp in the country at that time and still is now.

The reason for this high-quality hemp is due to being grown in nutrient-rich volcanic soil soaked by natural sunlight and water fed by the nearby Deschutes River. Their hemp is also hand planted and tended, as well as pesticide-free and chemical-free.

Mission Farms Coupon Code

As a Mission Farms affiliate, we are happy to share our coupon code for 15% off. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do! Code: 15PERCENT

Mission Farms CBD Mints

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Mission Farms CBD mints are an easy and discreet way to enjoy CBD as well as carry it easily with you. Simply drop it in your purse, pocket, or bag and have 10mg per mint available to you at any time.

CBD mints are also great due to the nature of how mints are "eaten". Mints, compared to other CBD edibles like capsules, gummies, or chocolates, will dissolve in your mouth compared to being swallowed; thus needing to go through your digestive system. Research shows CBD is more easily absorbed, "bioavailable", in our mouths compared to our digestive systems, so these mints are ideal for bioavailability. 

Mission Farms CBD Bath Soak

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 CBD bath soaks are a very enjoyable way to use the benefits of CBD to relax, especially from Old Mission Farms. These bath soaks are 25% goat milk from a local family farm nearby where their hemp is grown. Goat milk is high in medium-chain triglycerides (MCT). CBD actually bonds well to MCT and MCT is easily absorbed through the skin, thus making the CBD more easily absorbed through the skin.

The goat milk offers an added benefit of hydration to your skin as well which will leave you feeling relaxed and silky smooth! Try one of 4 varying soaks rest, relief, relax, and pure based on the effects and scents you enjoy. As always, let us know what you think! 

Old Mission CBD COA Lab Tests

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As we've talked about many times before, it is important to ensure you trust the brand you are buying CBD from. One of the best ways to gain trust with a CBD brand is getting a Certificate of Analysis (COA) lab test for the product you are choosing to buy. Mission Farms CBD lists all of their lab tests with an associated batch number or product ID. So all you need to do is check the product ID on the bottle or can you receive, and match it up with the COA result on the link below.