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If you are new to buying CBD or just enjoy CBD oil products in general, shopping by health benefit is a great way to figure out which product types are best for you.

For more help finding the proper CBD oil for sale, our helpful Beginners Guide to Buying CBD Oil can help you understand more about how CBD works, as well as find the right product for you.

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CBD For Focus

CBD for focus is becoming more popular by the day. More people are understanding CBD can help with focus and concentration. Studies show it helps by allowing more serotonin to flow into your brain in a similar manner as a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor (SSRI).

CBD for Inflammation

CBD products for inflammation are very popular. Especially for those dealing with issues stemming from inflammation... and in today's day and age... that is a lot. It's highly likely that most walking around today are dealing with inflammation on one level or another.

Inflammation is kind of like stress, where it can be considered a "silent killer." Meaning, like stress, most health issues related to inflammation are given their own names, and thus "XYZ issue" is a given name, but the real issue is inflammation.

For example, most health issues ending in "itis" are inflammation-related. Try some CBD from this curated selection and an anti-inflammatory diet and let us know how you feel!

CBD For Pain

CBD products for pain are the #1 reason why people try CBD. The nice thing with CBD is that it comes in many various forms, and thus can be used to help with many various sore spots, as well as varying levels of pain.

Our team finds the CBD topicals to work really well for pain-specific to an area like an elbow, lower back or knee. While the concentrates, and capsules are best for overall bodily pain.

CBD For Pets

CBD products for pets are very popular with pet owners today. Especially those dealing with pets who have seizures, bark too often, separation anxiety and more.

Talk to your veterinary before giving your pet any new supplements, but when you have the green light, these are some of the best CBD for pets we've been able to find.

CBD For Recovery

CBD products for recovery are one of the biggest reasons we started Third Coast. While our team does not consist of any professional athletes, we do consist of health-conscious people who love to keep our bodies healthy.

Unfortunately keeping our body healthy means we have to work out in some way shape or form, and when your in your 30's... that means soreness. We have tried and recommend the products in this category as they've worked for us, are quality tested, and come with a guarantee.

CBD For Skin

CBD products for skin can work as moisturizers as well as topically for aches and pains. If you are looking for CBD skincare products to help with your beauty routine, remember to look at the face serum.

Otherwise, the other topical CBD products can be used to spot treat various aches and pains depending on the issue you are looking to treat.

CBD For Sleep

CBD products for sleep are very popular today and one of the top reasons people choose cannabidiol (CBD). If you are looking for some aid in getting to sleep, this curated selection has helped our team a lot.

Our favorites for sleep are the gold oil CBD concentrate, CBD vape, or CBD gummies. Those seem to work the best for our team collectively.

How to Shop CBD Oil for Sale by Health Benefit

CBD for sale can be fun to shop through, but with so many product types to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right one for you. This is why Third Coast created our shop by health benefit category to help steer you to the proper product based on the health issues you are faced with.

When shopping by health benefit, the following steps will help ensure you get to the proper area.


Think About the Health Issue you Want to Solve

Start with the end in mind. Are you looking for CBD because you have low back pain? Or maybe you've heard about the studies around CBD and anxiety and that's why you are looking. Maybe you injured your knee a while back and it just keeps nagging you. Whatever the reason, start with that in mind.

Now that you've got this in mind, think about what kind of issue it is you are dealing with, and which area of the body is being affected.

Many times, you can easily match your issue to one of our curated categories to find the products which are best for your particular issue. If the health issue you are looking for aid with doesn't match perfectly to one of our categories, it helps to think about the area of the body which is being affected.

Health issues like Anxiety, for example, are dealing with the brain. There isn't one specific CBD oil or product type for the brain, but there are certain product types which can impact whole body or internal issues compared to topical issues like a sore knee or ankle.

In this case with anxiety and the brain, ingestible products are likely going to work better because edible CBD products such as tinctures, concentrates, vapes, and capsules make it into our bloodstream and thus benefits can be found throughout the entire body.

Rubbing a topical CBD product on your knees and ankles and hoping it may help with anxiety is not going to work very well for what you are intending it for.

Since we are talking about anxiety and even depression is so closely linked, we want to be sure to mention that while CBD has shown positive benefit in these areas, it is not the ONLY thing which should be done to deal with these issues. Please be sure to talk to a friend, parent, brother, sister or loved one and tell them the issues you are dealing with. Anxiety and depression don't care who you are or where you come. They can impact anyone and are not to be dealt with alone.

The opposite of this is also true. Meaning, if you are wanting to deal with a topical issue such as a sore knee, elbow or foot, taking an ingestible product which will work throughout the body isn't going to work as well as putting a CBD topical directly on it will.

How Fast Does CBD Work?

Another way to shop CBD by health benefit is to think about how quickly you want the product to work. Start with the end in mind again and thinking about what health issues you are dealing with. Is your issue typically something that hits you suddenly and thus you need your CBD oil to work more quickly? Or is it something you can plan on?

Let's go back to anxiety. If you are anxious all the time, that is something you can likely plan on. If your anxiety often hits you out of nowhere or based on certain triggers you can't always plan for, you may be looking for faster results from your CBD product.

In this example, being able to plan on the anxiety being there means you'll have more flexibility in the product type you choose.

Edible CBD product types take longer to show effects because they need to pass through our digestive system before making it into the bloodstream. Smoked, or vaped CBD products are able to get directly into our bloodstream via inhalation through the lungs, and thus can have a quicker activation time in the body.

So, if your health issue can be planned on, find the best CBD for you by shopping the curated categories.

If you are in need of quicker results, look for smokeable hemp (we don't have a good referral for this yet but will add when we do), or look for CBD vape oil products or topicals as those are the fastest to work and results can typically be noticed within 20 minutes or less.


The Best CBD Oil for Sale

The best CBD oil for sale can be found here on Third Coast. Why is it the best? First, because we actually help you find the product that is best for you, and the best CBD product is what is going to actually help you with the issue you are looking to solve.

Second, our Third Coast team has unique insight into the CBD industry due to our founders having experience working directly in it. We've been to some of the largest hemp as well as marijuana trade shows, we've seen the manufacturing process up close, visited the labs, and met some of the top industry leaders.

Lastly, we shoot straight from the hip. While we have extensive experience in the hemp-derived CBD industry, and many team members have 10+ years of experience with nutrition and fitness, we are still not doctors. And we don't pretend to be either. If there are studies around a topic, we'll link to them, if not, we'll let you know only anecdotal evidence has been done.

So, if you're looking to find the best CBD oil for sale, which has already been properly vetted for efficacy, purity, and potency by true industry professionals, you can find it right here on the Third Coast!