Third Coast and Onnit

Third Coast is now partnered with Onnit! Their motto of "Total Human Optimization" is exactly why we love them. They've created an effective line of nutritional supplements and workout equipment.

When compared to most nutrition companies or even workout equipment brands, Onnit could be viewed by many as unconventional. However, their nutraceuticals and equipment are top of the line and on the bleeding edge of the health and wellness industry.

Here we have curated our favorite products from Onnit, starting with our favorites!

Onnit Total Hemp

Total Hemp Free Trial

Try out Onnit's Total Hemp for FREE with this special 7 day free trial from Third Coast and Onnit. Simply cover the cost of shipping, and the rest is on us. Try it Today! 

Onnit's Total Hemp product is a broad-spectrum hemp product with enhanced bioavailability. The CBD and other cannabinoids in Total Hemp are extracted through a solvent-free process, and therefore is one of the healthiest CBD products on the market because the raw materials are never coated in alcohol, ethanol or other solvents.

Total Hemp VESIsorb for Bioavailability

One of the main reasons we love Total Hemp is because of the thought they put into the bioavailability of their product. Hemp compounds aren't always the easiest thing for our bodies to absorb, thus Onnit is using a propriety technology called VESIsorb to extract their cannabinoids to help with absorption into our body. With VESIsorb, water-soluble colloidal droplets easily cross the intestinal water layer for better absorption into our bloodstream.

Total Hemp also comes in soft gel form and thus is an edible CBD product which means it will travel well, and benefits can be noticed across the entire body vs a single area.

About Onnit

Onnit was founded in 2010 by Aubrey Marcus with an idea to make cutting edge nutritional supplement combinations. And they have done EXACTLY that.

Aubrey launched Alpha BRAIN in July of 2011 with his partner Joe Rogan, whom we've shared his various podcasts and information he talks about on his podcast about CBD and the benefits he's noticed.

Both Aubrey Marcus and Joe Rogan are wildly successful, but more so, they truly live what they've set out to create with Onnit. Following either of them via their podcasts or social media will prove so.

Onnit is the perfect partner for us at Third Coast Health as they share many of the same values around finding ways to maximize our human performance. While also understanding we only get to have one life, so live it!

Their mission: to inspire peak performance through a combination of unique products and actionable information.

Other Third Coast Favs from Onnit

Here are a few more nutraceutical products Onnit formulated that combine well with CBD products for enhanced effects. Simply taking one of the below supplements along with Total Hemp can help you to feel more balanced, as well as focused and energized to tackle your next project or playtime with the kiddos.

Alpha Brain

Ready to break through mental fog? Try a one-week, free trial of Onnit's best-selling nootropic, Alpha Brain.

Alpha Brain by far is our favorite non-CBD supplement to take on a day to day basis. In our opinion, it's far better than coffee and any other "energy" drink.

To be clear, Alpha Brain is not an energy drink, but it is a huge boost for your brain. Clinically studied, the research suggests this product works the first time you take it.

When we say "it works" what do we mean? From our experience, we've noticed many cognitive benefits when taking Alpha Brain.

Benefits including improving mental speed, not having a brain fog feeling, ability to focus on complex tasks, even recalling names and dates more easily.

Clinical studies and all aside, we too have heard ridiculous claims nutritional supplement companies make regarding their products.

We were skeptical too when first reading about Alpha Brain. So our friends at Onnit put together a FREE TRIAL of Alpha Brain for our readers and we want to share it with you!

If you're looking for razor-sharp clarity and laser focus, try Alpha Brain for free!

Shroom Tech Sport

The Shroom Tech Sport from Onnit is another fav of our team. The idea behind it is a supplement real athletes can safely take every day, even the day of the performance.

This product is one of the only truly clean energy supplements we've seen. Shroom Tech Sport provides cellular energy through our own body's natural energy (ATP), instead of stimulant-based energy.

The Shroom Tech Sport was put through a 12 week clinical trial at Florida State University using collegiate aged men. The results of the trial were...

  • Bench Press reps increased by 12%
  • Bench Press and Back Squat reps increased 7%
  • Cardio Performance increased by 8.8%

Those results were pretty impressive to us even though we have to admit we're not aggressively trying to increase our bench and squat maxes.

We appreciate shroom tech more for the clean energy boost on a day to day basis. Our friends at Onnit were also willing to offer a FREE TRIAL on the Shroom Tech Sport.

Onnit's Functional Fitness Equipment

Alongside nutrition, Onnit is also known for its functional fitness equipment. Functional fitness is a type of training that focuses on real-world movements to build strength and endurance in the body.

“It trains your muscles to work together and prepares them for daily tasks by simulating common movements you might do at home, at work, or in sports.”     - Mayo Clinic

So, functional fitness equipment is meant to support building strength through these movements. A few of the most popular are...


woman kettlebell workout

Kettlebells provide a simple way to get a full-body workout. They are great for beginners on up to experts and can be used in a wide variety of workouts. For more on kettlebells and some of our Third Coast team's favorite workouts, see our full post on Kettlebells.

Medicine Balls

Medicine balls are another great tool for functional fitness. Slams, tosses, squat throws and more. Like kettlebells, med balls can be used in a variety of ways for an excellent full body workout. See our medicine ball post to compare types of weighted balls, which is best for what exercise, and of course our favorite medicine ball workouts.

Battle Ropes

battle ropes

Battle ropes and functional fitness go together like peanut butter and jelly. You'll be shocked at how quickly you tire out working with battle ropes. Some of the most conditioned people can be destroyed physically by battle ropes in a simple 60-second workout. That said, weighted ropes can be used by beginners on up.