6 Steps to Cure a Hangover and 1 More to Rally

hungover man looking for hangover cure

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

How to Cure a Hangover

We’ve all been there. We drank too much the night before, and now its the next day, you’re still feeling like crap but you have some kind of event to make it to the next day. It could be a wedding and you were drunk at the rehearsal last night, it could be a family event and you were out with friends, it doesn’t matter. When you’re hungover and know you need to rally so so you can party again that night, there is only one thing you’re thinking of, revival.

Try this out. It’s tried and tested. While we can’t guarantee its success because we can’t guarantee how bombed you got last night, we can guarantee it will help you at least feel somewhat better. We’re hoping if you do need to make it to something today that it’s not until later in the day because time is the only true hangover cure. Either way, here you go!

Step 1 – Drink Cold WATER

Get a large glass or giant 30 oz YETI full of cold water. Drink it. Maybe even drink two. Being hungover is being dehydrated, for the most part, so drink lots of water. Sure, you can have a sports drink if you’d like, but just know most sports drinks really aren’t all that hydrating and do contain tons of sugars and other bad things. Real water is the best thing, but coconut water can be a good addition as well, just keep an eye on the sugar levels.

Remember this isn’t the only water you should drink, continue drinking water throughout these steps.


When out for a fun night of drinking, fill up a giant tumbler or vacuum bottle with cold water and ice, and leave it next to your bed before you sleep. That way when you wake up and your mouth feels like the Sahara Dessert you’ll have a nice cold glass of water to help you start the re-hydration process.

Step 2 – Wake and Bake… with CBD

It’s been debated as to whether or not cannabis helps with hangovers. From our point of view, it may, but it seems that it needs to be the right amount, and also have some CBD in it, not just all THC. Cannabinoids like CBD found in hemp interact with our body’s own endocannabinoid system which helps with the antiemetic (anti-nausea and vomiting) and overall stomach ache effect. Of course, depending on the severity of your hangover, you may need to vomit and it is definitely for the best, but CBD may help ease the nauseous feelings or even calm the stomach.

Calming of the stomach and nauseous feelings can help us with the next step…

Step 3 – Eat, Heartily

Get some good, hearty food in you. We’re not talking about spicy sausage and biscuits, McDonald’s $1 sausage burritos, or some other fake food you’ll shart out later because your stomach is wrecked. I’m talking homemade eggs, bacon, toast, avocados, hash browns for breakfast are good, or if you’ve slept late enough, pho. If you live in or near Detroit, Pho Lucky is a great spot to recover from a hangover.

This process was actually invented while 2 Third Coast Founders were eating Pho Lucky as a hangover recovery food, and wondering how they were going to drink again for the wedding they had that night. Wherever and whatever you decide to fuel up with, make sure it sets a good foundation to HELP your body, not further hurt it.

Here is the order on how to have your hangover recovery food delivered at Pho Lucky (for 2).

Pitcher of water > 2x coconut waters > 2x summer rolls > 2x pho > 2x vietnamese coffee

Step 4 – Workout

You could hit the gym, or you could do exercises at home. Either way, get some functional movements in and move your body. That said, don’t be a hero, recovering from a hangover isn’t the day for setting records. Get some good bodyweight or lighter weight movements in, sweat some, and get those endorphins flowing. Those will also help with feeling better.

Step 5 – Steam Room and Cold Shower

After your workout, hit the steam room. The sauna will suffice but the steam room is preferable because it is usually hotter and helps you really open up your nasal airways and sweat out the rest of the toxins you put in your body last night. Sometimes there are eucalyptus oils in the steam rooms and those will help you breathe better and feel refreshed. (We sincerely hope there will be steam rooms still after COVID)

Take some deep breaths in there and allow your self to sweat. Remember of course to not stay too long, usually, 5-10 minutes is enough for most people in the steam room, unless you use it regularly. Also remember to be continually drinking water, as you are sweating out the bad, you’ll want to be putting back in the good.

When finished with the sauna, take a shower, and at the end of that shower, turn it to ice-cold and stand under it with the water hitting your face and neck. This is a recovery method called cold therapy and will not only help you recover from your workout, but it can also have you feeling amazing when hungover. You’ll likely walk out of that shower feeling recovered and possibly even energized.

Step 6 – Refuel and Caffeine

Ok, by now, you’ve probably started at least feeling a little better. If not, you may have really done a number on your self. After that pump and refresh, its time to fuel up again. Again, keep it healthy, but hearty and filling. The first time this hangover recovery was tested the refuel food was sushi burritos from Yuzu in Royal Oak, Michigan.

First of all, if you’ve never been to Yuzu, definitely go. Second, remember wherever you eat, to eat healthier food which will help you refuel for your big event. If you don’t have anything to make it to today, go home and relax. You are about as recovered as you can be by now.

If you need to rally, its time for the bonus step! And on the way there this is a good time to drink for whatever your favorite caffeinated “turn up” beverage is. Maybe you’re a coffee person, maybe tea, maybe energy drink… whatever it is, its time to drink it.

Rally Bonus Step 7 – Start Drinking Again

Ok, by now you’ve hopefully recovered as much as you possibly can, got some caffeine in you, and its time to crack one. BUT first, we should decide what we’re drinking for the night. Thinking about the event you are attending, maybe a wedding, birthday party, whatever, think about what you’ll be drinking while at the event, then choose your pre-game beverage wisely. For most starting light with a seltzer, light beer or similar is usually a good choice. Then, pace yourself. It’s a long night ahead but have a great time!

We know these steps have helped us recover and rally and get back in the game and we hope they do for you too!

Do you have any steps we could add to this hangover recovery and rally? Comment below!