Is CBD Hemp Oil Legal in the US?

Anyone who has been following the news around Cannabidiol (CBD) Oil for the last few years or so, has seen many various headlines in regards to the laws around it. Some state governments condemn CBD oil, while others have created new laws that clearly define it as legal and able to be both sold and produced. So, is it legal or not?

There is not a federal law that directly says “CBD oil is legal” in the United States. There are some state laws that say so, but not on the federal level. That said, there is a federal law that states hemp (not marijuana) is. Hemp is legal on a federal level… as long as it is sourced properly. This is stated in the 2018 Farm Bill, which differentiates hemp and marijuana by defining hemp as containing less than .3% THC, and a marijuana plant as containing more than .3% THC.

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So, technically speaking, CBD on the federal level isn’t directly legal or illegal, but hemp, where CBD is found in mass quantities, is federally legal. Cannabidiol (CBD) can also be found in hops, though it is not in beer unless specifically brewed for it, are also legal.

CBD Oil is Illegal Though, I saw it on the News

Us too! However, as is the case in many states, the licensing boards of some states are merely updating their understandings around CBD oil, and not actually changing any laws to make it illegal. Some of them are stating it must be classified as medical marijuana, and thus only patients with proper medical cards may purchase it.

The key thing to note here is an updated understanding from a licensing committee is not a new law. Thus the 2018 Farm bill not only overrules, but it also trumps a state committee’s “understanding”.

All of the products listed here on Third Coast Health contain less than .3% THC and comply with every Farm Bill requirement. This can be verified on our individual product listings by clicking on the Certificate of Analysis (COA) test file provided by each brand we carry. It is important to us at Third Coast to carry quality products that have proven test results. We do not carry any products by companies that are not able to furnish a legit COA. We also confirm every COA through the associated labs in which the tests are done.

Where We Source our Hemp

All of the CBD products listed here are sourced from farms in both Kentucky and Colorado.

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