Is Vaping CBD Healthy for Me?

Vaping cannabidiol (CBD) is becoming a popular thing for many reasons these days. It is popular not only because of the health benefits of CBD, but also due to the ease of use. When vaping, effects are also noticed more quickly compared to other product types such as edibles, which need to be digested before results can be noticed.

Who is Vaping CBD and Why?

Most people would actually be amazed at the different types of people who vape CBD. From college kids looking to keep their anxiousness at bay to grandparents looking for relief from inflammation in their joints. Those with difficulties sleeping as well as athletes love the quick acting results of vaping CBD. What is actually in vapes though? What ingredients make them taste so good? Is vaping CBD even healthy for me?

Vaping CBD vs Vaping Nicotine

First, let’s clear up what we are talking about when we are talking about vaping CBD. When many people think of vaping, they think of large smoke clouds and big mod vaporizers. These types of vapes are filled with e-liquid which are essentially “healthier” cigarettes. They do not contain many of the toxins which cigarettes do, but still have nicotine and other unhealthy ingredients.

CBD Vapes do not contain nicotine. They also do not contain the harmful ingredients an e-liquid or cigarette would.

Natural CBD Vape vs  Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin

There are only 2 ingredients which can be found in CBD vapes that are unnatural and unhealthy. They are propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin (PV/VG). PV/VG are commonly found in the nicotine e-liquids mentioned earlier as well as some CBD vapes as it helps make the oil more viscous (meaning it helps thin the oil so it can be more easily vaped). PV/PG are NOT natural ingredients and should be avoided if you are looking for a healthy vaping experience.

All natural CBD Vapes like Alternate Vape, are the healthy person’s choice for vaping CBD. They do NOT contain PV/VG, nor do they have any other unnatural ingredients. These vapes only have three ingredients total! CBD, MCT (coconut) Oil, and plant terpenes. Terpenes naturally occur in fruits, vegetables, and other plants and give them flavor or various aromas.

Other Differences

Outside of the ingredients in CBD vape oil, they are vaped at a much lower temperature compared to e-liquids. CBD must be vaped at a lower temperature so as to not burn the CBD in the vape oil. Traditional mod style vapes are used at much higher temperatures which creates more heat being inhaled and is thus much more harsh on the lungs. Alternate Vape’s battery is used below 5 volts to avoid these issues.

What Do I Need to Vape CBD Oil?

All that is required to vape CBD is a pre-filled cartridge and a battery. That’s why we chose the Alternate Vape starter kit, it not only comes with a pre-filled cartridge and battery, but also a charger and case to store it all in. After the initial cartridge is used up, simply keep the same battery and purchase a new cartridge.

Other Questions

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