Store Policies

Store Policies

Shipping Notice! We Strive to ship all orders within 1-2 business days, but cannot guarantee USPS or FedEx will deliver your package in their advertised time-frame. Please plan accordingly.


These Store Policies set forth and summarize certain information and policies regarding the sale and purchase of hemp oil products through this website ( These Store Policies are part of and must be read in conjunction with our Term and Conditions and Privacy Policies.

Website Disclaimer

This website contains general information about diet, health, and nutrition. None of the information is advice, and should not be considered or treated as a substitute for advice from a healthcare professional.  The contents of this website are for informational purposes only and are not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health professional with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

The general information and content on this website are provided “AS IS” without any representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied. Third Coast Products, LLC aka Third Coast Health (“Third Coast Health” or the “Company”) makes no representations or warranties whatsoever in relation to the health information on this website.

You must not rely on the information on this website as an alternative to medical advice from your doctor or other professional healthcare providers. If you think you may be suffering from any medical condition you should seek medical attention. You should never delay seeking medical advice, disregard medical advice, or discontinue medical treatment because of information in Company materials or provided by any Company representative, none of which information is intended to be a substitute for medical diagnosis, advice or treatment. If you are considering making any changes to your lifestyle, diet or nutrition, you should consult with your doctor or other healthcare providers before doing so.  Information and statements regarding dietary supplements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

Neither the Company nor its representatives are providing any medical advice, and none should be inferred, from any ideas, suggestions, testimonials or other information set forth on this website or in other Company materials or provided over the phone or in email correspondence.  All of the information on this website, whether historical in nature or forward-looking, speaks only as of the date the information is posted on this site, and we do not undertake any obligation to update such information after it is posted or to remove such information from this site if it is not or no longer accurate or complete.

Product Availability; Prices; Orders

All purchases through our website are subject to product availability. We may limit or cancel the quantities offered on our website or limit the sales of our products or services to any person, household, or jurisdiction.  Prices for our products are subject to change, at Third Coast Health’s discretion. Unless otherwise indicated, prices displayed on our website are quoted in U.S. dollars and are exclusive of shipping charges. We do not charge, and you are solely responsible, for taxes and duties of any sort.  We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to refuse orders. In addition, if we believe an order is false or fraudulent, we reserve the right to inform the relevant authorities.

Payment Methods

For online orders, we accept payment by Visa, Mastercard. If a payment is not successfully settled, due to invalid payment method, declined credit, expiration, insufficient funds or otherwise, we reserve the right to cancel your order.  Orders are shipped only after receipt of full payment. For certain payment methods, though rare, your bank or financial institution may charge you a processing fee, foreign exchange/translation fee (international orders) or other fees; you are solely responsible for the payment of any such fees. Third Coast Health is not responsible for any charges, errors or losses that may result from any payment method used by you for the purchase of our products.

Credit Card Processing

Our credit card processing system runs through an international bank (UK), which for the moment is a completely standard practice with American hemp companies. With the passage of the Industrial Hemp Banking Act of 2018, this would change.

In rare cases, your credit card company may charge a small international transaction fee and might flag your transaction as suspicious. If your card is declined, we suggest you call your credit card company and/or bank to clear the transaction and then place a new order.

Shipping Efficiency

We strive to ship all orders out within 1 business day. Please note, we are closed on weekends and if you are purchasing over a holiday weekend there will be an extra day before your order ships.

Shipping Speeds and Geographies

We ship to all 50 U.S. states and some countries internationally.

  • USPS First Class: 4-6 business days
  • USPS Priority: 2-3 business days

International Orders is not responsible for any additional charges that your government applies to the shipment in regards to import fees (Goods and Services Tax or Value-added tax). If the tariff dues go unpaid, your package will be returned to us, and a refund will not be applied. If your package is seized or lost by customs it is also not eligible for a refund.

Lost Packages

If a package gets lost in transit (very rare, it does happen though), Third Coast Health will not be responsible if the tracking information says the package was “delivered,”  which means the U.S. Postal Service or the courier service successfully delivered the package to the specified address. If the tracking information says delivered, yet it’s lost anyway, we ask that you check with housemates or family to see if they received the package without telling the intended recipient. This scenario happens fairly often.

Package Sent to Wrong Address

If a package is sent to the wrong address, and the incorrect address was provided online by a customer, then the customer is responsible for the cost of re-shipping the item. We will re-ship the order once the original package has been returned to us. So please, when ordering, make sure your shipping address is accurate, as making any mistake could significantly delay the delivery.

Product Defects & Damaged Packages

We allow three days from the date of delivery to notify us if there is any type of defect with a product or if the package it was in was damaged while in transit. If we aren’t notified of defects or damages within the three-day window, it is understood that the package and products were in good condition upon delivery.

Return Policy

We understand you may need to return a product. Should you feel the need to do so, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to initiate the process. Please contact us at One of our Customer Care Representatives will be happy to assist you. Limited to one return or exchange per customer. Orders containing a 10g tube of our pure oil concentrates or 3+ of the same product are not eligible for a refund as we consider bulk orders to mean you have already tried and are comfortable with that product. We do not take returns based on taste. We typically process approved return/refund requests within 1-2 business days. If your product was purchased through a Third Coast Health distributor or retailer, you will need to go back to your original purchase location for any return or exchange.