My Path To The Carnivore Diet

my path to the carnivore diet Third Coast Health

Well, I guess the first thing to do is to introduce myself and set the stage to give you some context before we start talking about health issues and ribeye steaks! I’d consider myself to be a ‘normal’ healthy adult male. I’m in my mid-30s. I work a fairly demanding and stressful corporate job, but…

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Carnivore Crisps Review

carnivore crisps flavors

In our quest to find the tastiest most nutritious ways to fill in the diet where needed… we’re introducing heavy weight contender, Carnivore Crisps. You have likely seen them promoted online by Mark Bell on the power project podcast…. a simple snack with two ingredients. Meat and Salt….sounds like any other jerky, right? Wrong. We challenge…

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Hydrate or Die: Is This the World’s Best Water Bottle?!?

onnit ice shaker side view

With the holiday season fast approaching it seems companies have really ramped up the digital advertising to drive sales, despite a tough macro economic environment – we thought inflation was only for balloons! Every day, I’m receiving deals on ‘must have items’ via text, social media and email. It’s kind of exhausting, but there are…

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Don’t Hold Your Breath… Unlocking Potential with Diaphragmatic Breathing

unlocking potential diaphragmatic breathing blog

With COVID dominating the headlines, it sure has got me thinking more about the respiratory/pulmonary systems and how to optimize them. Many people didn’t know that there are different ways to breathe, focusing on drawing your breath from your mouth or nose and filling different parts of your respiratory system at different cadences. Prior to…

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5 CBD Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

older man cbd salve arm

Buying gifts for Dad is usually easy. Tie. Socks. Underwear. Yard accessories. Grill. That’s it, right? But you’re not that daughter or son to buy some easy gift for your pops. You want to help him take care of himself by getting him something practical he can actually use that will provide value and that isn’t work-related like…

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6 Steps to Cure a Hangover and 1 More to Rally

hungover man looking for hangover cure

How to Cure a Hangover We’ve all been there. We drank too much the night before, and now its the next day, you’re still feeling like crap but you have some kind of event to make it to the next day. It could be a wedding and you were drunk at the rehearsal last night,…

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How Cold Therapy Changed My Life

wim hof cold method outside

A couple of years ago I was dealing with some health issues that caused my liver enzymes to spike to insanely high levels. Reaching the point where my doctors were worried about liver damage both in the short and long term. I went from dealing with my doctors at Spectrum Health here in Grand Rapids…

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Quarantine Challenge – 100 Burpees Per Day for 30 Days

burpee challenge workout

Well the coronavirus has really thrown a monkey wrench into my fitness goals this year. But I’m looking on the bright side and setting new goals for this brief period of ‘house arrest’.  Shameless plug for the CDC before we get too much further, please make sure you are staying indoors, staying safe and staying…

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How to Choose the Right CBD Skincare Product

cbd massage oil

When I first started dating my wife, I remember her always saying “beauty is pain.” I didn’t understand, until I saw her doing things that seemed painful in the name of beauty, like waxing anywhere or having a layer of skin basically burned off your face by Retinol. Though I didn’t understand it to that…

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Where Does 4/20 Come From?

the waldos where 420 started

Every year, thousands of people around the world will celebrate April 20th, or 4/20. To some, this is just a number. However, for everyone else, we all know that it means smoking marijuana. Even with the thousands of people celebrating the holiday in their own way, a very small amount of them actually knows where…

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What are Nutraceutical Products? (with Examples)

what are nutraceutical products

Nutraceutical products are supplements that can be used for nutritional benefits as well as medicinal benefits. Nutraceutical product types range widely from fortified cereal to bio-yogurts, as well as vitamin supplements, herbal remedies, teas, and more.  These products are not tested or regulated by the FDA similar to how they do for prescription drugs, though…

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Boost Your Immunity with our Lemon Ginger CBD Hot Shots

lemon ginger cbd hot shot

 With Coronavirus aka COVID-19 dominating headlines, everyone is eager to pump the purell and strap on a facemask. Meanwhile over on the Third Coast, we’re boosting our immunity naturally with our famous Lemon Ginger CBD Hot Shots.   What’s more, you don’t even need to leave your house to get the ingredients thanks to the…

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Battle Ropes – Worth the Risk? (of Looking Ridiculous)

woman battle ropes

Admit it. You’ve scrolled through the Instagram accounts watching fitfluencers like @lbs_metrodetroit, @kfoylefitness, and @primal.swoledier and thought, “Hey, they have those battle ropes at my gym! It looks like a great cardio and full-body workout …but I’m not willing to risk looking like a rabid caveman …am I? Well, you really should be willing to risk…

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The Medicine Ball and its Place in Functional Fitness

medicine ball woman

Perhaps the most iconic ‘old school’ piece of functional fitness equipment is the medicine ball. Heavy, sand-filled, leather and bursting at the seams. You know …the one collecting dust in the walled off back part of your gym that no one uses. Today, the workouts developed around this iconic equipment are definitely different than your…

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Kettlebells – Foundational Fitness or Flash in the Pan?

kettlebell lift

There is a whole universe of ‘functional fitness’ gear out there. Our partner Onnit along with Rouge Fitness and some others have a wide variety of the latest functional equipment. Fitness experts and Instagram influencers alike can be seen using battle ropes, slam balls, sandbags, steel maces, and kettlebells. The Crossfit movement has also been…

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What You Need to Know About CBD Gummies

cbd gummies in hand

Most likely, you’ve heard about the many potential benefits that cannabidiol (CBD) may offer your mood and health. Today’s CBD market is plentiful with products in various forms like topical lotions and oils, pills and capsules, coffee and tea, vape pens, and now CBD gummies! Yes, cannabidiol is available in edible and chewable candy form,…

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CBD, THC, and the History of Hemp

There was a time when the cannabis industry was, well, only focused on cannabis. High-THC this, high THC-that, dank this, edible that. Recreation was the industry’s focus, and many people assumed it’d always be. But now the pendulum has swung back, and things seem to be going in a very different direction. Another cannabis compound…

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CBD: Your Brain’s Favorite Molecule

CBD Brain Connection

What if someone told you there was a plant out there that interacted pretty much perfectly…with your brain? A plant whose active compounds promote health by mimicking the action of internal neurochemicals? A plant which, because of such crazy similarities, was effective at addressing the root cause of many, many health issues? Truth can be…

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How Vaping CBD Oil Before Bed May Help You Sleep

woman sleeping on cloud

Nothing is more irritating than lying awake in bed late at night with the upcoming workday just hours away. It happens to the best of us, and whether you’re dealing with insomnia or finding it difficult to fall asleep after a hectic workday, there is a natural alternative to sleeping pills growing in popularity amongst…

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